Zafreen Merchant


From a young age, Zafreen, having grown up as an expat shuffling between different cities and international schools, found that both staying active and slowing down struck a perfect balance to handle the changes that came her way. Yoga provided the framework for her personal growth, which she became even more passionate about after she had children. She wanted to teach them how to manage their emotions and create calmness, which she considers a life skill.

In 2019, Zafreen pursued her yoga journey with Laura from Divine Light Yoga and completed the RYT 95-hour Children's Yoga Teacher Training. She immediately dove into teaching children's yoga and mindfulness. She gives them the tools to regulate their emotions on and off the mat in a fun way through dance, props, creative arts and crafts activities. With a keen focus on both physical postures and a present mind, her classes are filled with laughter, positivity and calmness all at once.

Zafreen firmly believes that yoga equips children with the necessary skills to navigate the challenges of this ever-changing world and enables them to create a connection with the self and natural environment to live a more balanced life and be more present.