We believe offering yoga to children from a very early age enables them to grow and develop varied and broad skills, such as the ability to concentrate in their studies, to communicate with their friends more effectively, to deal more successfully with life's little challenges, and to be able to learn and understand the world around them, in a way that leads them to have greater, fulfilling relationships with their family, friends and everyone they meet in this journey of life.

As they grow from babies to children to teenagers and young adults, the benefits of this early practice of yoga to children enables them to enter the world and be happy and successful at whatever endeavour they choose to pursue in their lives. 

Yoga from an early age helps children to develop very healthy bodies and vibrant minds, that allows them to be strong and resist the day to day bugs that we all pick up, and free them from the day to day anxieties that sometimes children experience as they approach the changes in their lives as they grow. 

Yoga is a very natural form of exercise, even for the beginners. All children can practice it with great ease from babies onwards.