An Organic Space

Mini Glow Yoga Club provides an organic space for children to grow and develop in a loving and inclusive environment. The yoga school is based within the Hom Yoga studios, specifically at its River Valley location.

The studio is built with a strong intention on natural and organic materials. From its organic cotton blankets, buckwheat bolsters and straps, to its natural cork blocks, high quality phthalate-free German yoga mats, toxic-free wall paint, organic cleaning products, and FSC-certified and sustainably sourced wood flooring, Mini Glow Yoga Club provides a natural and healthy space for your child to develop conscious body-mind movement through breath awareness, so as to expand your child's emotional intelligence, as a foundation for greater intellectual and academic processes—further empowering your child to becoming more confident, focused and self-aware. 

Rudolf Steiner

"Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom."

A Letter from our Founder

Dear Parent,

Our children these days are so stretched, from the social and academic stresses of participating in school life, to going from one activity to another with the constant pressure of always having to learn a new skill; and coupled with ongoing feedback from their immediate environments: EMF radiation (especially with the recent introduction of 5G), over exposure of light which disrupts children’s sleep circadian rhythms, industrialisation of foods where animal meats are contaminated with antibiotics and hormones, and where vegetables are farmed with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, the over-achievement model where so much is expected of a child even before the child is developmentally ready, and many more—all of which further disrupts a child’s natural physiological and emotional development, and of course, places them under a high level of physical, mental and spiritual stress.

How can we help them become whole, joyful beings, whilst being fully equipped with the tools to cope with the stresses of their environment? When we opened Mini Glow Yoga Club, it was precisely for this reason. Yoga is a phenomenal tool for children to become aware of, and to incorporate into their daily lives as a way to successfully cope with everything in their lives. As parents, we can cushion them best we can, but we also know that the practical stresses are still going to come in, so the best we can do is to give them the techniques to empower them fully in all that they do.

The contemplative and meditative techniques give children an awareness that they are not their minds, and that they can step back and away from it—to observe, to witness. The breathing techniques give them tools to work with when under pressure, so as to understand and empower themselves in knowing how to move their breaths in their bodies to find more ease, clarity and confidence in the task they have on hand. The movement techniques give them the ability to connect with their bodies, a powerful agent to help shift them out of their minds and into their bodies—integrating the whole spectrum of mind-body awareness. These are extremely powerful techniques that a child can bring into their lives and into adulthood, creating not only a whole child, but also a balanced child who feels joy, ease, and confidence in everything that they do. 

Our Kids Yoga classes for 4-6 year olds incorporate a sense of play and imagination to bring these techniques into their conscious awareness, allowing their little brains to integrate these natural abilities before the ego and fuller consciousness kicks in. If you can have your child start yoga classes at this age, it gives them a profound foundation, as they no longer have to think about how to incorporate these techniques, instead, they naturally do it because it is all that they know. 

Our Kids Yoga classes for 7-11 year olds is also an equally potent time to start, as this is when their egos are fully developed and when they start to become more consciously aware of the stresses of their environment, whether it is social, mental, or emotional. This is a time as well where they can start to become physically self-conscious as they begin to compare themselves with others, or what they see in the world. Yoga teaches them full acceptance of the Self—loving who they are wholly and knowing that who they are, in essence, is enough; it also teaches them to accept others completely for who they are, and develop a sense of compassion, empathy and kindness towards all. This is also a time where they start to become exposed to school exams—a completely other level of stress that the nervous system of the child has not yet developed. They require the tools for this so as to sail through this phase with greater trust and confidence within themselves. Yoga provides all of that, and more.

I have witnessed these shifts and changes within my three young boys, who are all growing at different stages of their lives. Being exposed to yoga has given them a calmness and a presence for them to naturally integrate their immediate environments, and the transitions and changes that are part of everyday life—just like the seasons of nature.

I encourage you to prioritise and incorporate this into your child’s weekly schedule to capture the essential moment before this developmental gap is missed. This gap is extremely hard to fill later in life when the awareness has fully developed. For instance, my three year old has been learning to swim, and he has been swimming without realising his feet can’t touch the bottom. If he learns to swim when he is older, where there is a greater awareness, and he realises his feet can’t touch the ground, it would be a lot harder for him to trust, because his awareness would stop him to trust his own natural instincts and process—which he had already known from being in my womb for the 40 weeks he was there, swimming the entire time in his own amniotic fluid.

With all my love,


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