Malvina Kang Hughes

Malvina Kang


Malvina is the founder of Hom Yoga. In 2009, she opened Hom Yoga, with the intention to create a yoga school for self discovery, transformation and empowerment through high quality teachings.

At the age of 12, she experienced her first yoga class and felt a presence of being that left her with the inner knowing that yoga would be an intimate part of her life. This knowing, combined with more than 20 years of study and practice in yoga, has contributed to Malvina’s unique perspective and approach. Malvina teaches a variety of styles, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Pre and Postnatal, and Children’s Yoga.

In 2012, Malvina created Hom Yoga Training Academy—a world class yoga training academy where students can deepen their knowledge and understanding of yoga through immersive study, education and retreats. She believes that yoga can be so powerful when practised as an ancient healing art, steeped in its traditional practices, ultimately leading us to greater connection and acceptance.

After the birth of her three sons, Malvina’s teachings evolved into a new dharmic realm—one which supports women to have empowered and conscious pregnancies, births and parenthood. With this, she started Mini Glow Yoga Club, a yoga school for mothers, babies and children, where pre and post natal, mums & bubs and children yoga classes became a large and integral part of the studio’s offerings. She is a birth doula, and a strong advocate of an empowering and intuitive approach to pregnancy, birthing and parenting. 

Malvina has written several children’s books that bring the magic of yoga and mindfulness to kids through poetry, images and stories. Her works include The Rainbow Hearted Boy, My Book of Animal Yoga and the trilogy My Sun, My Sun; My Moon, My Moon and My Star, My Star.

Malvina naturally embarked on the path of herbal medicine from a very young age, having been borne into a family of healers, and watching her godmother, a natural herbalist and healer, heal thousands of patients with herbal medicines, mantras and intention. She became a herbalist after many years of study. Malvina layers into her practice, holistic health, natural supplementation, diet and lifestyle, flower essences, as well as using kinesiology as a diagnostic tool to test for any food intolerances or any root emotional, physical, mental or spiritual issues that are contributing to the ailment. Her intuitive ability to ask incisive potent questions, and a lifetime of working in the healing arts, allows her to lead and guide above and beyond the limited physical dimensions, and into new limitless possibilities.

Malvina’s passion to help women on their journey to naturally conceive, and support them in an intuitive way during pregnancy, birth and beyond; and into the dance of relationship is where her heart lies. She holds the sacred space for deep listening for the harmonious relationship within to nourish and deepen, creating a natural flow towards deeper meaning and purpose—one that is aligned with the soul’s unique journey.