95-hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training with Laura McEgan, Apr 20 - 30


95-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Children Yoga Teacher Training (RCYT) 

Led by Laura McEgan 
April 20 - 30, 2021

“This course is a fantastic learning experience that incorporates education, fun, a sense of community and equips you to enter the yoga for children business world with tools, confidence and enthusiasm. Laura has a professional and thorough programme, with an approachable teaching style accessible to people from all backgrounds of work and with all ambitions of use for the course. I cannot recommend Divine Light Yoga highly enough."
- Naomi, Paediatric Doctor

This course is for you if:

  • You love to sing, dance, play, share, learn, reflect and connect
  • You love to be part of a supportive, conscious community in which you can feel empowered and inspired as well as empowering and inspiring others with your stories, experiences and mindful actions and words
  • You love shared learning environments
  • You love to meet new people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and countries
  • You see and feel a need for change in your family, your community and the world as a whole and you want to step up and make that change through the healing affects of yoga and mindfulness
  • You have a deep connection to yoga or a real curiosity to delve deeper into yoga, meditation and mindfulness​

Our trainings really are one of a kind! We're focused on giving you all the confidence, inspiration and knowledge that you need to thrive as a children's yoga and meditation teacher.

This unique Yoga Alliance Registered programme combines relevant educational philosophy and up-to-date research with all elements of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, incorporating key teaching methodology and practices with Laura's 20-years experience of working with children and families, so that you can confidently create, plan, lead and manage interactive, engaging and creative yoga classes for children, teens and families.

We provide you with all the tools, techniques and inspiration that you need to develop your own individual, creative lessons to share with children of all ages and abilities. We are focused on providing a holistic, nurturing environment for children, combining elements of musical mantras, interactive story-telling, art, nature, movement and dance, group discussions and play to explore the principles and practices of yoga and mindfulness.

About Laura McEgan

As an experienced educator, community worker, global traveller and karma yogi, Laura, founder & senior teacher of Divine Light Yoga can see and feel the fundamental need for all of the above. Laura has witnessed first-hand, the powerful healing effects that yoga & mindfulness has on children from all backgrounds, experiences, languages, cultures and religions.


Through interactive, experiential activities, group discussions, individual assignments and daily practice teaching time, we will explore:

  • Techniques and activities to introduce breath-work that will support children's mental health and well-being during every day experiences such as anxiety, sleep difficulties, overwhelm and hyper-activity. 
  • A range of classic and more creative, age-appropriate yoga poses and sequences, and how to teach this to each age group in an interactive and engaging way
  • Safe practice when teaching yoga poses - what is developmental and age-appropriate and what to avoid
  • Creative meditations, including visualisations and moving meditations so that you will confident to share a range of different meditation techniques to children aged 3-18 years old, tailored towards their needs
  • Partner and group yoga fun for all ages, including mixed age-groups and family yoga
  • Challenging poses for Teens & Tweens including arm balances, back bends and inversions (going upside down!)
  • Combining key Educational Philosophy and teaching methodology so that you can fully understand how children learn and how you can tailor your classes to their learning needs and styles
  • Introducing yoga philosophy and practices to children of all ages, including Hindu Mythology, the Chakra System (the energetic body), The 8 Limbs of Yoga, Yama and Niyama
  • A variety of traditional and alternative Mandala Art Meditations to support children to reflect and process difficult emotions and events in their lives
  • Creative Mindfulness activities to enhance children's self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Therapeutic and nurturing yoga techniques for children with Special Needs
  • Understanding Autism, ADHD, Sensory Disorders, communication difficulties and social-emotional difficulties and how to effectively use yoga for each of these special needs
  • Incorporating art, music, dance and nature into children’s yoga
  • Interactive story-telling and yoga journeys for all age groups
  • Yoga for children with English as an additional language
  • Behaviour management in the yoga class so that you can feel confident to manage a group of children, in a positive and playful manner that enhances their social and behaviour skills
  • Planning & sequencing based on children's learning styles and behaviour patterns 

What you will receive :

  • A Yoga Alliance certification as a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT 95-Hours)
  • A lesson plan structure and formula for creative, holistic and well-rounded classes
  • Lesson plans to use with different age-groups 
  • Guided meditation scripts for 3-18 year olds and family yoga
  • Access to our private online support community of Divine Light Yoga trained teachers
  • Online workshop and post-training videos, resources and coaching from Laura via our support community
  • An exclusive 60-minute online workshop on Creating Visualisations for Children & Teens


Module 1 (April 20 - 23): $1,400
Module 2 (April 26 - 30): $1,500
Full Tuition: $2,600
Early Bird Pricing (by March 26): $2,100

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation received 60 days prior to course incurs a fee of $250.
Any cancellation received 30 days prior to course will result in forfeit of the full tuition fee.