Yoke Wen Lee

Yoke Wen spent close to 9 years as a social worker protecting vulnerable children known to the child protection system and supporting their families. She strongly believes in promoting children’s rights to live their best lives and reach their potential. 

She found yoga in 2014 after life-changing experiences and over time discovered the powerful benefits of healing, empowerment and grounding in yoga and meditation. She completed her RCYT with Divine Light Yoga in January 2018 and is passionate to use yoga to help children and teens feel safe, calm and strong in their bodies, develop skills to cope with feelings of stress and anxiety and build mind-body awareness, which is key as they form their sense of self and their understanding of the world around them.

Connecting with children has always brought tremendous joy to Yoke Wen and she enjoys sharing yoga with them through their language - fun and play. She believes in lifelong learning to support children’s growth and development.