Class Types

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal yoga is a unique yoga experience, incorporating yoga postures and breathing techniques to help you connect with your baby, alleviate discomforts, and lower stress levels. Expect to flow through a series of standing poses, followed by restorative floor work, designed to open and strengthen the muscles, which are essential for labour and postnatal recovery. Join a nurturing and positive community, all transitioning into the role of motherhood. All prenatal classes are taught by highly qualified prenatal yoga teachers. For Mums only. 

Postnatal Yoga
This offering of yoga is specifically to empower mothers to find their inner and outer alignment, whether they are newly postpartum or if it's been many years since having their child. The magnificent birthing process puts tremendous stress on the female body that, in some instances, does not seem recoverable. Postnatal yoga, however, offers a gentle way to rebuild the pelvic floor, stabilise the core, close diastasic recti, flatten the mummy tummy and reestablish strength and flexibility of both body and mind. These classes integrate simple hatha yoga asanas with safe and intentional postnatal exercises, aimed at rehabilitating and empowering mothers to live in their vibrancy and totality. For Mums only. 

Mums & Bubs Yoga
Mums & Bubs focuses on healing and strengthening the body postpartum, as well as introducing a special mother and child bond. This classes focuses on strengthening the pelvic floor, abdomen, legs and back; as well as opening and relieving tension in the shoulders, necks and arms. Mums & Bubs is also a great way for new mums to connect with other new mums and find meaningful connection through the shared experience of motherhood. This class is ideal for babies 4 weeks to 12 months (or any crawling age). Dads are welcome.

Kids Yoga (4-11) 
Kids Yoga (4-11) introduces yoga poses, breathing techniques, visualisation, and deep relaxation to help improve the learning abilities of school-aged children. In this class, we will focus on developing flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination, as we promote the development of self confidence by encouraging the child's imagination and self-expression. Children will learn effective communication and good listening skills, which in turn fosters self-respect, compassion and kindness for others.